Thursday, 8 October 2015

Choose rugby union

Choose rugby union
Choose hypocrisy
Choose collaborating with the Nazis to have two other professional sports outlawed
Choose institutionalised racism
Choose a stupid game where you can't see the ball half the time
Choose drinking piss out of a sock and shoving 10p coins down your foreskin on a Saturday night
Choose to sing highly inappropriate negro worksongs about death being preferable to working in cotton fields simply because a black chap once scored a try for England
Choose performing some ho-ho-hilarious, banterriffic action along with it
Choose leaning on a despotic regime to have a bloke thrown in an Emirati jail for weeks without charge because he organised people to play a different sport
Choose class war
Choose subterfuge
Choose lies
Choose rugby union

I chose not to choose rugby union
I chose something else

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