The Ten Commandments of Rugby League

1. Thou shalt not claim that thou art signing for the 15-man game "for the challenge"

2. Thou shalt not blame referees for thine own side's failings

3. Thou shalt not sing songs about getting thy father's gun

4. Thou shalt not attempt to replicate Josh Charnley's hairdo

5. Thou shalt ensure that sponsorship deals involve the actual exchange of hard currency

6. Thou shalt thinketh twice before entering into a legal or contractual dispute with Gary Hetherington. The future of thine club could be at stake

7. Thou shalt not obsess about the number of away supporters

8. Thou shalt recognise that not every pass the opposition make is "FOOOORWAAARRRDD"

9. Chicken wings are for Nando's, not on the field of play

10. Thou shalt not cheer a clear and obvious injury

these are subject to change, depending on whim and feedback

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