Saturday, 24 September 2011


Long demolished and redeveloped home of the original Oldham RLFC.

Despite being closed since 1997 it's still the coldest place known to the Rugby League World

Friday, 23 September 2011

Mbu, Joe

Zaire-born player turned coach. Only person in the sport whose name is an anagram of 'Joe Bum'*.

(* - that gag courtesy of Forty20 magazine editor-at-large, Tony Hannan)

Walk, Wigan

Exodus of home support five minutes before the end of Wigan game at the DW (formerly the Jamie Jones-Buchanan) Stadium whether the home side be 40 points to the good or 50 behind. Take the Little Grubbers team's advice: stay to the end and miss the rush.

New Zealand

1. Country full of terrific footballers who punch way above their not inconsiderable weight, though fight a constant battle to keep them from the clutches of the overbearing All Blacks.

2. Country derided by Roy Haggerty (apocryphally) after being unable to source bacon for his breakfast. "A country full of sheep and you've got no fucking bacon?"

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Paris St Germain

Attempt at planting a club in an area with no roots back in 1995 at the start of Super League. Inevitably, it foundered and ending up costing the RFL a big stack of cash. But they learned from the experience and vowed never to do it again, especially in Wrexham some fifteen years later.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Belle Vue

Ancient and dilapidated home of Wakefield Trinity. Complete misnomer as the Vue isn't Belle at all.


Playmaker. Usually pre-fixed by the word 'cheeky'.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Much the point of the game - to get the ball over the opposition's goal line and earn yourself a shot at goal. The one aspect of Rugby League that rugby union has yet to seize and claim as it's own.


Pre-requisite for joining Warrington is to have at least one arm completely sleeved with ink.

McGoldrick, Ryan

More tattoo than man. See also Delaney, Brett

Shaw Hall Bank Road

Home of Saddleworth Rangers and the most picturesque ground in the sport.


The default accent for a Super League coach.

Cullen, Paul

Former second-row firebrand turned master manipulator of our mother tongue.

French, Ray

Commentator, anachronism and walking compendium of player heights, weights and amateur clubs.


1. The direction in which you must not pass.

2. The mating call of St Helens residents.

3. A big, daft lad who plays up front .

Mount Pleasant

Home ground of Batley RLFC. A total misnomer as it's not that pleasant at all. Has a 1-in-4 gradient from tryline to tryline.


What all opposition players are when playing at Craven Park, Hull.

Matterson, Terry

Coach and former champion loose forward. There will forever be a piece of him in Perpignan.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Lewis "disappointed" with Lewis's decision

Chairman of the RFL Richard Lewis told reporters he was "disappointed" after long negotiations with Sport England chairman Richard Lewis resulted in a cut in funding of just short of a million pounds to the sport.

An ashen-faced Richard Lewis faced the press after intense negotiations with Richard Lewis ended without a satisfactory outcome. "We know all sports are under pressure and Richard Lewis was at pains to explain that before his final decision was handed down, but it's safe to say I'm disappointed".

Lewis's opposite number Richard Lewis also faced the press afterwards indicating that "while we were happy with Richard Lewis's presentation to Sport England, we're happy that due process has been applied". Lewis went on to say that Sport England simply has less money available to it that it is able to distribute among it's member organisations. "All sports will have to adjust and though Richard Lewis put forward a compelling case, we reached the best deal possible", added Lewis.

While clearly disappointed, Richard Lewis made clear that despite the cut, the RFL would continue to press forward. "We have significantly increased player participation", said Lewis, "and the switch of junior and amateur rugby league to summer continues this progress and the RFL will continue to support our member clubs. It's just a shame that I was unable to persuade Richard Lewis of this".

This article first appeared June 22 2011 on and is the sort of thing you can expect from Little Grubbers.