Friday, 16 September 2011

Lewis "disappointed" with Lewis's decision

Chairman of the RFL Richard Lewis told reporters he was "disappointed" after long negotiations with Sport England chairman Richard Lewis resulted in a cut in funding of just short of a million pounds to the sport.

An ashen-faced Richard Lewis faced the press after intense negotiations with Richard Lewis ended without a satisfactory outcome. "We know all sports are under pressure and Richard Lewis was at pains to explain that before his final decision was handed down, but it's safe to say I'm disappointed".

Lewis's opposite number Richard Lewis also faced the press afterwards indicating that "while we were happy with Richard Lewis's presentation to Sport England, we're happy that due process has been applied". Lewis went on to say that Sport England simply has less money available to it that it is able to distribute among it's member organisations. "All sports will have to adjust and though Richard Lewis put forward a compelling case, we reached the best deal possible", added Lewis.

While clearly disappointed, Richard Lewis made clear that despite the cut, the RFL would continue to press forward. "We have significantly increased player participation", said Lewis, "and the switch of junior and amateur rugby league to summer continues this progress and the RFL will continue to support our member clubs. It's just a shame that I was unable to persuade Richard Lewis of this".

This article first appeared June 22 2011 on and is the sort of thing you can expect from Little Grubbers.

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