Friday, 9 November 2012

Top 10: Less sociably responsible sponsors for Bradford

Having been trailed for a couple of days, Bradford made a big splash with their new shirt sponsorship deal. Provident Financial Group are they, one of those 'payday lenders', a term which has usurped terms like 'usurer' and 'loan shark' in the modern lexicon. What does that say about the perception of the demographic of the club and the sport that they're willing to commit to a relatively long deal for relatively good money? What on earth will they want in return? It's also very odd how the RFL deliberately shied away from alcohol and betting companies when trying to find a title sponsor for Super League, but this is hailed as A Good Thing.
The outcry when Newcastle United got into bed with a competitor of Provident was long and loud. We await similar emanating from environs of Bradford and the game as a whole.
Here, though, are ten sponsors they could have come up with that would, arguably, be even more socially irresponsible:
10. Ratners
9. Michael Barrymore pool cleaning services
8. Jimmy Savile child-minders
7. Starbucks
6. The Daily Mail
5. Importers of Danish ash trees
4. G4S
3. News International
2. Royal Bank of Scotland

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