Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A modest proposal

Stobart are ending their title sponsorship of Super League two years early. One of the more self-serving press releases you're likely to read accompanied the announcement, spinning club unity (outright untruth) and the increased visibility (which we've addressed previously) and profile (unmeasurable, bordering on specious). The key phrase lies here:

Super League ... need to realise the next objective of monetising the competition’s title sponsorship.
Yes, that's right - the Stobart deal brought in no money.

Let me therefore make this modest proposal.

I will carry Super League logos on 50%* of the vehicles in what I call my fleet, far greater than the 4.5% of vehicles in the Stobart fleet. For this, I will pay the princely sum of five English pounds per year for three years.

This will achieve similar visibility on the road network as was achieved with the Stobart deal and enable Super League to report an infinity percent increase in the sale of naming rights over the previous year. Even the Premier League can't boast of figures like that.

I also promise to show at least as much outward enthusiasm for the deal and for the game as has come from Stobart over the last six months.

In exchange, the Little Grubbers web address should be displayed on post pads, corner flags and a billboard behind the posts at all Super League grounds.

Don't let me down here, Super League. I await your response.

* - I'd have said 100%, but I don't think the wife would appreciate it

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