Friday, 9 March 2012

Winter set to shift to summer

Popular season Winter has told us that it is considering a switch to summer, potentially affecting all levels of rugby league in the UK.

A spokesman for Winter said in a statement that "our client (Winter) is fed up of being associated with darkness, cold and dying pensioners. Having had a taste of slightly more clement prevailing weather conditions over the last few days, our client is contemplating moving to the middle of the year when it's a bit nicer".

Having switched the entire game to a summer season, this leaves the RFL in something of a quandary, but their meteorological department told us that "we'll be keeping a very close eye on developments. If Winter does move and adopts the same policies as the incumbent season for those months it intends to occupy, then we have no issue. But if there's a major seasonal reshuffle, then we have to take a look at it".

Winter, through an interpreter, said that "having weighed up my options, this time of year seems very much the right time for Winter to move into spring or maybe even summer. We'll just have to see what comes of negotiations". After putting to Winter the difficulties the RFL may face as a consequence, it retorted "look, you people have been making me warmer for years and then whining on about travel chaos when I'm just doing my job. It's about time I had a nice break in the Seychelles or somewhere while you decide whether you even want me around any more", before adding "and what the hell is rugby league anyway?"

A decision on any proposed move from Winter is expected by March 21.

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